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 The International Thespian Society

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Fuku Taichou

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The International Thespian Society Empty
PostSubject: The International Thespian Society   The International Thespian Society EmptyMon Jun 14, 2010 4:41 pm

I wasn't sure if this belonged here or not...

Does anyone here know what the Thespian society is? (And no, it's not a meeting for people of a certain sexual orientation.)

I was a theatre brat for so long I was able to get into my high school's Thespian society troupe. It's pretty cool.

Our spring musical (this is my senior year) is going to be Cinderella...I can't wait! :D
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PostSubject: Re: The International Thespian Society   The International Thespian Society EmptySat Dec 18, 2010 6:13 am

I work at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre; I see so many thespians it's actually ridicious. I have seen a a lot of plays though and enjoy acting (although I haven't been in a play for a few years) but I don't really consider myself a true thespian. Also, if anyones inn the Stratfird area, go check out Matilda the musical. Tis amazing~
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The International Thespian Society
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